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At Kings Janitorial, we are known for hard work, trust, and ability to clean on time. We can do a basic clean to keep up with maintenance or add a deep clean to get those corners that are harder to reach. These are just a few services that we offer are

  • Periodic Cleaning

  • Floor Stripping & Refinishing

  • High-dusting

  • Bathroom Cleaning

  • Kitchen Cleaning

  • Trash Removal

  • Carpet Cleaning

Also, remember to check out our new service below, Parkade cleaning. 

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Industrial cleaning is hard work. Let us help you. We can work out a schedule that works for your company, caters to the services you are looking for, and keeps the area clean and hygienic. With our experience and expertise, we are the right company for you. 

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We can make life easier and take the stress out of keeping up with cleaning your home. We can customize a quote for your needs by setting a timeframe of weekly, bi-weekly, or just a one-time house cleaning. Our employees are insured and bonded. There is no need to worry about Kings Janitorial. 


Are you looking for a solution to keep your entrance clean? We can help with our Grand Entrance Mat Systems. Our mats are thicker and softer and have better scrapping ability to catch more dirt and moisture. In addition, they are 100% post-consumer recycled PET polyester fiber from drink bottles and 15% post-consumer recycled rubber reclaimed from tires.


Also, we can improve your appearance, functionality, and cost if you rent or own mats. We can provide you with a regularly scheduled cleaning program to keep them looking and functioning at their best. 


At Kings Janitorial, we can tailor a quote to suit your needs. We can offer anytime cleaning, whether for one day or a month, overnight or daytime, a basic clean or a deep one. Have a look below for the service that fits you best.


Have a new construction that needs cleaning? We can do that too. 


We ensure you have the best service possible with every contract;

we guarantee the following. 

  • Customers have direct and immediate access to our company's highest senior management level - even the president is accessible. 

  • Site-specific job descriptions which are used for training and posted in each janitorial closet

  • Policy and procedure manuals distributed to all employees

  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS') are available for all products.

  • Scheduled and unscheduled worksite inspections.

  • Customer satisfaction surveys.

  • If there are deficiencies, we will correct them within 24 hours of notification.

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